Our Purpose

One of the most profound statements found in scripture appears in the very first verse where God declares that He alone is the Creator of both “the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). The implications of God as our Creator are overwhelming concerning the truth about the purpose and meaning of our existence.

At some point the average person asks ultimate questions. Why are we here? Is there a purpose to life in our universe, or is life simply a random accident? If the universe and humanity were created purposely by an intelligent God, what is the relationship and responsibility to our Creator?

Our answers to these questions have significant spiritual implications for our lifestyles, priorities and the future life throughout eternity.

Tragically, people (including Christians) have accepted unconditionally the neo-Darwinian evolutionary view (that we are a product of chance random mutations), as taught in high schools, universities and colleges. As a result, many have either discounted any investigation of the creation model or worse abandoned their faith.

This ministry believes a person’s view of origins will profoundly affect not only the way they look at themselves, but it will affect their sense of morality. Whether a person thinks he or she was specifically created by God or was just a cosmic accident will play a large role in the molding of one’s life.

The goal of the Creation Discovery Centre is to point to the evidence of the Creator revealed in scripture through our museum exhibits, speaking engagements and special events.