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21 Day Camp Tour Completed

Larry Dye The Creation Guy just completed 21 days of Creation Camps. Larry saw many young people come to Christ through the teaching of dinosaurs, space and the Ark of Noah. Larry is standing next to the director of Ross Haven Bible Camp Greg King. They... (read more)


Presentations: Big Bang or Big God: See how “the heavens declare the glory of God.” Learn how Einstein proved the Bible correct. See how comets, planets and galaxies line up with the biblical timeline. Hear testimonies of faith from ast... (read more)

Star Party with Mars theme

On May 3, 2014 the Creation Discovery Centre had its annual Spring Star Party. This year’s theme was ‘Mars’ since the red planet is prominent in the night sky. Visitors had a chance to operate simulators like the ‘Mars Rover Roc... (read more)


Despite the inaccuracies in the film ‘NOAH’, much attention has been given to whether or not the Ark of Noah could float while holding so many animals. A headline from the British paper The Telegraph caught my eye today. Below is the article.... (read more)


Those who believe in Biblical Creation maintain that echolocation in whales did not evolve over millions of years. That this sophisticated radar system built in these beautiful creatures have been a part of their anatomy since the get-go. That is why i... (read more)


Larry Dye the Creation Guy spoke on creation, dinosaurs, astronomy and the Ark of Noah at Ketchen Bible Camp near Preeceville, Saskatchewan. The 6 day camp saw many campers come to Christ as Larry correlated the salvation ship 'the Ark of Noah' &... (read more)

Annual Spring Star A Success

The Creation Discovery Centre's annual Spring Star Party held on May 18 was a huge success. Over 60 people from Bow Island, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat came to participate. Kids were delighted with the varous 'Astronaut Training' activiti... (read more)

Creation Guy Finds Comet

  On Tuesday March 12, the comet known officially as comet C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS), stood almost directly above the western horizon, less than 5 degrees to the left of a very narrow crescent moon as seen in this picture.  ... (read more)

Dinosaurs Lived With Mammals

According Genesis Chapter 1:24-25, all land animals were created on day 6 of the creation week. This would mean that dinosaurs and mammals lived at the same time. In the past most evolutionary timelines have mammals evolving after reptiles. George Gayl... (read more)

T-Rex A Plant Eater?

  The creation view gives valuable insight concerning dinosaur diets. Genesis 1:29-30 declares that originally all animals, as well as people, were plant eaters. Thus the early world was entirely vegetarian in nature. After the fall of man some of... (read more)

Biologist Questions Neo-Dawinism

In a recent interview with Discovery magazine Lynn Margulis an American Biologist and University Professor in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Massachusettes Amherst shares her scepticism of neo-Darwinian evolution. She first explains w... (read more)

Three Things The Wisemen Teach us

  The story of the wisemen teaches us three wonderful things about the Christian faith. In this story we discover that... 1. God reveals himself to those who seek him. (v. 1-2) After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time o... (read more)

7 Problems with Whale Evolution

  1. Limited time for transition Many readers will doubtless be aware; the evolution of the whale has previously raised substantial problems because of the extremely abrupt timescale over which it occurred. Evolutionary Biologist Richard von S... (read more)

Spiral Galaxy Puzzles Astronomers

A galactic find discovered by researchers using the Hubble telescope comes as something as a surprise. The researchers found a rare early galaxy with pronounced spiral arms. The newfound galaxy, known as BX 442, was identified as a spiral by the Hubble... (read more)

South Korea Removes Evolution

A South Korean petition to remove references to evolution from high-school textbooks claimed victory last month after the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) revealed that many of the publishers would produce revised editions that exclud... (read more)

Ink Hasn't Changed Over Millions Of Years.

According to evolutionary reckoning the ink's been dry for 160 million years—but scientists from the University of Virginia Charlottesville have for the first time confirmed pigment in two fossilized ink sacs from cuttlefish-like animals, a new... (read more)

Spring Star Party Huge Success!

Our Creator opened up the skies tonight (after some inclimate weather) to view Saturn, Mars, Venus, Whirlpool Galaxy and the Moon for our annual Astronomy Spring Star Party at the Creation Discovery Centre. Guests were also treated to great tasting Sa... (read more)

Moon's Activity Appears Young

  The moon's crust was apparently active far more recently than previously believed, scientists say. These new findings raise questions about how the moon formed and evolved, researchers said. Although the Earth's crust is still shifti... (read more)

New Found Planets Defy Evolutionary Theory

Biblical creationist have always maintain that that the sun, moon, stars and planets were formed instantiously by God on day four of the creation week. That is why it’s no surprise that astronomers have found two huge planets orbiting a star likely... (read more)

Jupiter: God's Cosmic Garbage Sweeper

As Jupiter becomes dominant in the night sky, the casual observer may ask the question 'what purpose does our largest neighbour have in our solar system, or for that matter, for us here on Earth?' After all, Jupiter is a gas-giant planet with... (read more)

Jupiter: God's Cosmic Garbage Sweeper

As Jupiter becomes dominant in the night sky, the casual observer may ask the question 'what purpose does our largest neighbour have in our solar system, or for that matter, for us here on Earth?' After all, Jupiter is a gas-giant planet with... (read more)