If Evolutionists Ran The NFL

If Evolutionists Ran the NFL (by Larry Dye the Creation Guy)

1. All offensive plays would start on the opponent’s 10 yard line,…since nothing really happens for the first 90 yards.

 2. Mascots are seen as beneficial mutations.

 3. Injured players would never be allowed to take the field again,…survival of the fittest you know.

 4. No need for referees since ultimately there is no right or wrong.

 5. Field goal kickers would have to wait millions of years for the goal posts to evolve to regulation size,…talk about icing the kicker.

 6. Halfbacks would be ineligible until they completely evolved into fullbacks.

 7. Ten-yard markers would be discarded because of missing links.

 8. Tebowing would be forbidden.

 9. All official footballs must have evolved from pigs or cows.

 10. Plays from the bench must be completely random and chaotic with no intelligent design.