Jupiter: God's Cosmic Garbage Sweeper

As Jupiter becomes dominant in the night sky, the casual observer may ask the question 'what purpose does our largest neighbour have in our solar system, or for that matter, for us here on Earth?'

After all, Jupiter is a gas-giant planet with a multi-coloured atmosphere and distinctive great red spot which races around this rapidly rotating massive planet. There are no land features, for there is no distinct planetary surface - no place where the atmosphere ends or the land begins. Jupiter is unsuitable for life because of this lack of a solid surface.

As we swing by each of the 'Galilean' moons (so-named because they were first seen by the great Italian astronomer Galileo): Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, each is somewhat smaller than Earth and all have frozen surfaces.

However, as it turns out our Creator has a great role for Jupiter to play, particularly for us humans on Earth. There is evidence that the giant planet Jupiter acts as a 'comet and asteroid catcher' - a 'cosmic garbage sweeper', if you will.

Jupiter's immense gravitational pull sweeps the solar system of cosmic debris that might otherwise collide with Earth and significantly reduces the chance of a mass extinction event. God's special creation of Earth is revealed in Jupiter's purpose. It is clear; Jupiter has a large (but often unappreciated) role in maintaining life here on Earth. The Earth simply would not survive if more comets and asteroids had planet-crossing orbits.

This winter, as you observe this bright gas-giant, enjoy its majestic beauty displaying its four prominent moons but remember to appreciate its distinct purpose for our protection here on Earth.

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