Larry Dye the Creation Guy

Creation Discovery Centre introduces "Larry Dye the Creation Guy". Larry is a graduate of Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and North American Baptist Divinity School (Taylor Seminary). With a strong emphasis on apologetics and creation, Larry has spoken extensively to churches, schools, science clubs, organizations, camps, libraries, and ministerials. He has been a speaker for Creation Ministries International and has appeared on the television shows - Genesis Week and Insight. Larry is a former director of the Sunridge Observatory (Medicine Hat Astronomy Club) and has developed space camps for the Medicine Hat College summer programs.

The Creation Guy has written and produced several full length plays including Catastrophic Park, Apollo 8 and The Storm Chasers.

Larry Dye the Creation Guy brings a unique blend of creativity and humour, using scripture as a foundation for each presentation.

Churches and organizations that have utilized Larry are the following:-- North American Baptist, Missionary Alliance, Nazarene, Baptist Union, Church of God, Pentecostal Assemblies of God, Presbyterian, Christian Businessmen, Shortgrass Library System, Medicine Hat Astronomy Club, Medicine Hat College, Creation Ministries International and The Miracle Channel.

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Topics Presented

Great Dinosaur Mystery

In this two part presentation, Larry unravels the mystery behind dinosaurs. Dig into scripture to answer the most perplexing questions paleontologists have about these amazing creatures. Understand how Genesis explains the purpose of dinosaurs, their diet, how they got so large and the ultimate question,..what happened to the dinosaurs?


Moon Mission

Hear testimonies of faith from astronauts who walked on the moon. Learn of God's impeccable timing during the first lunar voyage. From an athiest trying to prevent the reading of scripture in space to the first Bible on the moon, Moon Mission will have your spirits soaring for more. Learn about this extraordinary drama that unfolded behind the scenes during the Space Race.


Big Bang or Big God?

See how “the heavens declare the glory of God.” Learn how astronomy proved the Bible correct. See how comets and planets confirm the biblical time-line. Join Larry Dye the Creation Guy as we travel through the universe!. (Larry is a former director of the Medicine Hat Astronomy Club, he has developed space camps for the Creation Discovery Centre and Medicine Hat College).


Survival of the Fittest

Creation verses evolution. Are we made in the image of God or the image of ape-like creatures? Is "Lucy" really our ancestor? Why are the missing links still missing? In this presentation Larry reveals how evolution is not compatible to science and scripture. Which world-view makes sense according to the evidence? Which one brings purpose, hope and a future? Which one will survive in the end?


"One of the people in our audience wasn't a Christian, she came in saying there is no God and left saying there is a God, keep up the good work" Lyndon, Brooks AB.

"Everyone is still talking about how excellent your presentations were. Well done!" Ruth-Ann, Lloydminster AB.

"The dinosaur talk was great, my 5 year old was as interested as I was. It's wonderful to hear solid evidence for creation, so we have strong arguments to use against the humanistic/evolution teachings of today." Becky, Clive AB.

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How to Book

  1. Determine the type of meeting you wish to have and the people you would like to reach (i.e. family, Sunday school opening, conference speaker, youth presentation, camp setting etc.) -- For non religious organizations: Larry is a Spaceflight Historian and is available for inspirational presentations on the Mercury, Gemini and the Apollo space missions. Although no gospel presentation takes place, Larry shares how some astronauts have been affected spiritually from their journey.

  2. Contact your church or organization to determine facilities and dates (preferably two alternative dates.)

  3. Contact - Email:   Phone: (403) 581-9368

  4.  Remuneration: Larry works on a honorarium basis, plus traveling, meals and lodging expenses. Please contact him for further details.